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I’m confused. For years Republicans have been saying the government run schools are indoctrinating our children to socialist policies and should be broken up and privatized. Now Republicans want kids to go back to those very same schools. Isn’t this our best opportunity ever to break up the government monopoly and do it a different way?

  • Fakebook again placing fake *** see election result warning box *** on Donald J Trump, this article is about COVID and having our children in school ,,,,,, this article had nothing to do with Election, they are picking on and trying to censor anything “our President says”,
  • (who also said all along kids should be in school) it goes to show, Fakebook is censoring our president for no reason. Repeal Section 230 take away these special exception to big tech companies that are turning the knife on us.
  • Can we STOP testing healthy people? PCR tests were not meant to be used as diagnostic tests. Thus psyop needs to stop now! They’re back at school long ago in South Africa. All protocols observed. In fact, they are almost through with final year exams and majority have finished writing. School term ends here on 11 December.

President Trump: If the courts do not hear witnesses or allegations and the numerous evidence of fraud, you can trigger the Insurrection Law and put the military on the street, investigating and prosecuting in a military court those who tried the nation’s sovereignty. Do it.

I have wondered how scary this is to children and traumatizing. And I hope adults don’t have tv on where children can hear, because you never know how children process things. Can lead to PTSD and the media does not care. Also other milestones have been cancelled graduations, proms.

Not to mention weddings, family gatherings, and sadly sick and elderly alone in hospitals and nursing homes. If this was intentional, it was sick ! As far as voting, I was always under the impression that cheating was punishable by fines and jail time. But some have gotten away with lies for so long they’re like bad children who can’t be controlled. As read in the book 1984 ‘The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.’ If this year did anything good , it opened our eyes.

We’re gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas quote poster

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