What is nanatude you ask Mess with my grandchildren and you will find out shirt, hoodie, tank top


What is nanatude you ask Mess with my grandchildren and you will find out hoodie

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“You would think people who want to promote Christianity would welcome any changes that allow them to claim historical accuracy”… These are people who claim earth is 6k years old, historical accuracy is the last thing they’re interested in. Probably the ones who needed the glitter splattered pop up version because none of these luddites would have actually read the feckin bible cover to cover, I doubt they could even read the individual books within it or actually comprehend the meaning of it as opposed to the selected passages they’ve learned by heart making it a mantra of bigotry and hate instead of love and acceptance this jesus fella was always talking about. That’s an unfair accusation. Many of us were raised with religion and went along with what we were asked to do. Read our church’s books, whichever ones. It doesn’t matter. I didn’t leave my church until I was in college, and studied science. So assuming we can’t read or never did might be incorrect.

I read it at 6 when I was told I couldn’t understand it, I was the bane of every religious teacher or member of the clergy I ever met questioning and debating every immoral doctrine they regurgitated. I was banned from catholic classes for ten years as the fuckers would try to jump over to other ecclesiastical texts trying to win a religious argument with a child.
Many cling to the twisted teachings of the bible through the twisted words of charismatic con artists posing as leaders of the faith. I’ve known many of my neighbours and extended family who hadn’t the strength of conviction to persevere in their own beliefs and found it easier to subscribe to those of the catholic church, despite knowing first hand of the cruelty, the malice, the bigotry they showed to everyone who was slightly other, despite all of the matriarchal and patriarchal figures they revere were blatantly other in their own time.
If someone is going to live their life by a religious tome and then pester fucking everyone around them about it, I would expect them to read the damn thing in the first place and live by it, but to themselves, mind their own business lest their outspoken and forceful beliefs get questioned, examined and torn to shreds.

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