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I’ve been to so many Kid Rock concerts. He puts on an amazing show! Always been a fan of his even before I knew he was a good conservative American. He’s very brave. The cancel culture I’m sure we’ll try to cancel him out. Let’s make sure we make a bunch of noise and support him and buy his music.

  •  bob is very out spoken about politics he loves this country and he doesn’t give an shit about this stupid cancel culture bullshit he will call it out he doesn’t care that is why I love bob/kid rock he tells it like it is
  • when you say cancel culture do you mean like the nfl,nba,dicks sporting goods, Walmart, tik tok, Goodyear? The list goes on stop being so willfully ignorant and stupid
  • destroy his life? He quit the drugs back in early 2000s also he worth like 90 million im pretty sure he’s doing ok. Oh and corey white people conquered land. It wasn’t a nation. I guess the Buffalo soldiers didn’t partake in any land conquest

No the cancel culture I’m sure gave up on him a long time ago. He’s been a fearless supporter of Trump from the very beginning. you can recover from that .if want to .its hard but can be done .I know I quit alcohol over 34 year ago

Corey Brown well I guess he was one of the lucky ones he’s still got his mind what a brave wonderful conservative all around American Kid Rock/ rocks he is a patriot… God Bless America

It’s well worth the hassle! Flew to Tennessee… the whole small town was sold out of everything for his concert. People flew in from alll over. Average age is 50’s. Sooo Great, He loves our Country. Seen him many times and he always displays the Flag. Love that he isnt afraid to speak his opinion.

In a world where you can be anything be kind Elephant poster

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