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California , San Diego’s Sorrento Therapeutics says antibody shows ability to block virus 100%. Trump is going to talk about them tomorrow hopefully! God Bless America! A hotel in Clearwater Florida is doing a great job with reopening. Channel covered it. They are using in addition to other measures UV lights. They are perfectly safe in the way they are being used. It’s worth looking it up on line. The Sand Pearl. I think these stories should be shared more. They can be a model.

  • Obama: “Do what you think is right. Doing what feels good—what’s convenient, what’s easy—that’s how little kids think. Unfortunately a lot of so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way, which is why things are so screwed up.”
  • I work in the mental health and I have empathy and compassion for these people who suffer from severe and persistent mental illnesses, but majority of them do not work full time because of how debilitating it can be and I highly recommend you do the right thing and step down.
  • So true he put it exactly right! They hate Trump more that they love our country! Hate is a terrible evil if you let it control you. Hate what someone does but when you hate to hate that speaks loud of who you are !!! There was a clown in the white house for eight years prior to DJT taking office and that didn’t seem to bother you folks one bit. BHO – the worst president in American history.

I make a proposal that we call him “Sloppy Joe” instead of “Sleepy Joe,” because unfortunately for him, his Handlers are so sloppy, that even Stevie Wonder and the Three Blind Mice see through it.

Well this was a great one for sure and such truth Lara Trump I must say waiting in line at the grocery store is fact if we can do this then we can wait in line on Nov 3rd to vote and my Vote goes to Mr.Trump..2020

Just A Girl Who Loves Books Flowers paper poster