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Will Only Remove For Vodka Face Mask

Will Only Remove For Vodka Face Mask

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Why not send a stimulus check to the unemployed and cut federal taxes on workers who make under a certain amount for the rest of the year. Helping the unemployed yet providing incentive to try and work. Also, the government doesn’t have to spend as much at one time and the “essential workers” feel a little more appreciated. You are lying . People are dying like flies and you still can’t do anything only tussles with W.H.O and other nations . You are a failure and banden to current and future society … Very painful living without grandparents who’ve died in your error and still you are campaigning all over the nation risking more lifes .  I’m glad you’re hanging in there we really do need to handle the epstein case this has me to where its hard to trust anybody supposedly people are getting killed for getting near it so we need to get it behind us and restore our trust in the government me personally I’ve seen so much on the social media and medias I question this corona virus and if its real or not and thats sad. Ever since Brad Parscale got demoted, the new guy has our President holding “telephone rallies” and wearing masks just like Sleepy Joe. Brad wasn’t great but at least he let President Trump be himself. There is nothing patriotic whatsoever about a damned face mask. Maybe if you live in communist China it’s patriotic, but sure as hell not in the U.S.A. No thinking American is falling for the plandemic hoax. You missed the mark on this one Mr. President, but you still got my vote. with all do respect, the CDC are a bunch of liars. They’re also the ones pressuring doctors to lie on death certificates to say COVID-19 is cause of death for just about everything from heart attacks to car crashes. That just barely scratches the surface when it comes to their COVID-19 lies.