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Gone with the Wind Years of release 1939-2020 shirt, long sleeve, hoodie

Gone with the Wind Years of release 1939-2020 Hoodie

Buy it now: Gone with the Wind Years of release 1939-2020 shirt, long sleeve, hoodie

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Just to be clear…you are not my favorite president. And it’s not because you are Republican. It’s because you have proved time and time again that you are completely unqualified to do the job that you were hired to do. Honestly, you say you have done the most of any President ever, but other than failing to manage a pandemic, what else have you accomplished? We stand behind you Mr. President your doing a great job. Push forward with your great plan for America and even better one and let’s clean this mess up the Dems have done. They have tried to destroy our America we are sick and tired of it. We are not a third world country. Please pull us out of this. With Gods help we believe you can do this. Trump/Pence 2020 I’ve appreciated your patriotism & leadership, but this is wrong and I will not support the irrational thought process that has substituted a bandana or t-shirt when industrial or medical equipment is unavailable. I will not comply. Which liberty is next on the list? Trump it kind of looks like your caving into what the left wants! They are the ones saying it’s patriotic to wear a face mask! They’re saying that so they can start dictating the way we live and do things! Don’t let them take over you Trump! I hate seeing you wear that nasty mask. This makes me terribly sad. You have always stood for patriotism before but this rejects it. Take off that sign of compliance with a socialist agenda. I don’t know how you keep going so strong with all that comes against you. I know God guides you and watches over you & yours and your administration and their families also. God bless and keep you Mr. President. Scott Walter I have coped very well. Thank you for asking. I have not worn a mask. I have not lived in fear. God has said that He is my protector and provider. I don’t like seeing my countrymen living in fear and chaos. That’s why I keep urging them to seek God and know Him.