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A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a Bulldog poster

A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a Bulldog poster

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I live in Illinois, abided, safe distancing, mask wearing, wiping germs down till drove me crazy, going no where. They started this late April, now July give me a break. If they have their way we will all be a bunch of zombies wearing masks. Now we can’t go shopping without one. This is more about them trying to turn us into a communist country than the virus. All little sheep can now go back to sleep. if we keep wearing these mask we’re not going to need to get anything out of control because we’re going to be sick from pleurisy.I’m already getting congested from wearing them 6 hours a day they are not good for our immunity it needs to stop. And the numbers are good in Illinois, not like the spikes in Texas that opened early and didn’t social distance, and other places like it. Illinois opened late and the people wear masks and you’re doing well. The virus travels on particles that leave your mouth, like spit. A mask reduces those particles. The virus cannot travel by itself, it needs to be carried somehow. Brian Nelson, agreed, Sweden went with the herd immunity. People got sick and recovered, they unfortunately lost some but the virus will run its course now or later. Better in the summer when you can get out in the sun. Drink your Trump Kool-Aid, get out mingle, go to a Trump rally, get the virus, take your Chlorox injection and finally let your family collect the Darwin Award you earned. The more of you Trump fools who cull your own herd, the better our country will be. If you want to really help America tell Bunker Don to stop being tested and to get out and mingle. Lavon Janik-Stem the cdc, WHO, and even dr. Fauci has said the masks won’t help. Seems they can’t make up their mind. Much like science. Constantly changing and contradicting itself.