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What an insightful observation. This is happening everywhere in public schools. My grandchildren see the same disrespect toward teachers who are trying so hard to teach and open the minds of their students. I don’t know how the teachers manage this, but it just isn’t fair to the kids who want to learn. Wish I had an answer, I just hope my grandchildren can tune out the misbehavior and rudeness and can decide to explore and learn more on their own with what is being presented to them in class.
So frustrating and sad. Very hard topic! We’ve done both. Currently in private school due to lack of resources for learning disabilities in public. We have to advocate for our children and make tough decisions based on their needs. Tough decisions are the result of many sleepless nights. You remain in my thoughts and prayers my friend! I have no doubt you will make the most informed decision you can possibly make! We are behind you 100%. We are also caught in this dilemma. We grew up in the public school system and thought our kids could do it too. However, my husband grew up in NJ and I in NC. We feel for the teachers and wish we could help. What can we do? This post is very sad and thank you for sharing candidly the problem. I came to the US 30 years ago as an exchange student, went to public school and loved it, the education was so full of opportunities then. Today we live here but to get my children the same opportunity in a safe environment we had to go private… also for the support with learning disabilities.
I don’t think children can develop in an environment that is not safe and where adults are not in control… unfortunately that seems to describe the middle school environment these days… the sad and scary part of this is not our moral choice it’s the question of what kind of a society is in the works…