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Witch Cats Salem Sanctuary for Wayward Cats Ferals vintage poster

Witch Cats Salem Sanctuary for Wayward Cats Ferals vintage poster 1

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I live in Havelock and work in Morehead City. I refuse to go downtown during Big Rock week. It’s just so ridiculous trying to find parking and get around. Nope, not happening. Traffic is bad enough to deal with. well I don’t really consider myself a tourist since I’ve been coming down here for 51 years but I would damn sure have on a mask if I was over there! Not what it says online about you. I don’t really care one way or the other your opinion is not important to me. My family has owned property down here since the 1920’s. it’s the ones that use there brain actually, we are living here and wear masks out and only do outside of our home what we have to do and to it with concern and respect to others. It’s the proximity. Outdoors there is movement, which is beneficial. Inside, not so much. Bars would be difficult to enforce the distancing, especially as the alcohol takes effect. Movement is a good thing which is why shopping is OK as we move through the stores. Personally, I think gyms could open as the sanitation and distancing could be controlled but Dr. Cohen cites the fact that exercise brings about more breathing.
*please don’t flame me!* I have watched the daily press conferences almost each day as they cut into General Hospital….. just putting it out there. Not my argument. Not my decisions. If people don’t start dropping like flies here shortly, with all the protest, looting, and the many funerals Mr. Floyd has had, I’m calling BS on this card game. Just my thought, no need for anyone to react. I can’t visit my mother, but all this going on, and no illness taking over from all the close contact and heavy breathing. Weird. All the governor can do is lay out the best plan with the best data from the best team he can assemble. We are having increases in hospitalizations and positive cases because of crowds like in your picture. Some people genuinely believe that it’s a hoax, or that they are immortal or bullet proof, or it’s some left wing conspiracy, or Bill Gates did it. Lawd have mercy. It will never be under control if people don’t quit acting too superior to follow the guidance.