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Witch On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt, hoodie, tank top

Witch On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair hoodie

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If I was the owner of a store, I would have no problem openly telling people a mask must be worn or get out. It’s so incredibly stupid how people will risk their own and others’ lives bc of some egotistical fake ass patriotism that gets them nowhere anyway. It’s no longer a right once it can infect anyone other than themselves. It’s not like the choice of wearing a helmet or not on a motorcycle. And even if it was, people could also sue claiming they got infected from a hazardous environment. TH keep up the great work. It’s so easy to wear a mask too. Thx Tom for your predictable response to the rest of us in fly over country, have you ever heard of free will and I refuse to not be just a little suspicious of the covid numbers which 99.8 percent survive and wow your one of the survivors of this virus. would you wear a mask if more people died from the virus? What about if getting the virus meant excruciating pain and discomfort for weeks and near death to a majority of those who got it? I’m not trolling I’m trying to understand how wearing a mask, even if it only minimizes risk is too much to ask of a person and if there is ANY line or parameter in which said person could be convinced to wear one or if this is really just a big show of force to prove some perceived lack of autonomy. Tom is one who recovered from the coronavirus like you said. He’s sharing his experience and what he knows. It’s clear that you don’t have that kind of experience and that’s why you sound so stupid. You are parroting the president. I can’t even say you are following the republicans because they have started to walk away from the president.
I don’t know why you are so angry? And I don’t know why you are so callous? You don’t believe this pandemic is a problem. This doesn’t mean Tom Hanks cannot speak up with a different opinion.