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In a world full of witches be golden Halloween shirt, tank top, hoodie

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Take a swim in the ocean or put sea salt in you bath water to cleans your negative to positive. soak for a while pour some of the water over head. Then drain the water and rinse off. I basically retired to a mountain community with forests, deer, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls to clear my Soul. Sometimes people are just too much.

  • I have been working at a grocery store only started since I move here to Arizona and I am meeting so ma y people and have picked up on so many emotions that it over whelms me. I had a sweet woman who had just miscarried and I was instantly connected to her and I started sobbing in front of everyone I had no control what so ever it was startling but once I knew what was happening I was able to start controlling it. I’m now having to cleanse myself daily because I do feel so much. I feel everyone’s fears, pain, sorrows, anger…so please protect yourself if you can.
  •  I am so thankful for this post, for now I do not feel alone and secluded! Hello dear Empaths, dear brothers and sisters of the same feather! My problem is that I even feel physical pain of others (imagine how I felt when a casual friend was at birth!?!). The very worst is that spirits often use me to communicate with their families. A month ago, while I was enjoying gardening on my land, a spirit of a dead man asked me to go to his wife (who was not far away). That exact moment she suffered a stroke and was at the end of her life. I was present during her passing. Why meeeee???

Wow I was always wondering why I keep crying over every little thing I know I am not depressed but I do feel lots of emotional pain how can I release it I do take walks but is not helping much. I had a conversation with my husband this afternoon about all I’m feeling & cried through the whole thing. I’m so thankful for who he is and that he understands me and what I feel. He helps me ride the wave.

I’ve been feeling a heavy weight on my chest for the last couple weeks. Wicked dreams that feel unbelievably realistic so when I wake up, my heart is hammering in my chest. Also been dealing with more anxiety. Last night, I had a great evening involving a lot of “belly” laughter. ‘Twas a much needed release!

In a world full of witches be golden Halloween shirt, tank top, hoodie