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where are my quiz tickets that you stole from me? if you own everything that is mine, why then should i pay you any money for anything? what is yours is mine if what is mine is yours.. Where are these going? They used to appear in inventory, under consumables… Now, they don’t appear anywhere???? Another F-U on your part? Another Joke? You think this is funny?

  • I might get 1900 points, but I’m short witn 5 expeditions to get the full bonuses and maybe get the 2100 total pints. Damn if only I ‘ve saved my 5 expedition at the begining , I just put the dome on the go pro and took the pic lol I edited it in lightroom but not much. I am a photographer.
  • Yall dont know how much this love means to me. I have only had the go pro for like 2 weeks lol and I never show my work off hardly ever bc i dont think its good enough compared to other amazing photogs.
  • not a whole lot maybe 10 but I dont add ppl unless we some what know eachother and are some what in same area. Its nothing personal I have little ones to watch out for. You people are about as low as a human being can go, hope your children are always safe. There but for the grace of God.

Shared – your posts become more and more pathetic everyday. What a blatant lie. This kid shouldnt have been there but he shot him in self defense. I was watching it live as it happened. No one should habe died of the governors etc were doing their job and reigning in the lawlessness and chaos. A hero? Smacked someone with his skateboard in the head, someone who was down, and just kicked in the face by someone trying to take his gun

omeone with a little education before you allow them to post on your site! The social media needs to be brought to an end and be held accountable for alot of deaths caused by their twisted words of their democratic leaders they all should be imprisoned for life with out parol for crimes against humanity

From what I have seen, this headline may not be true. He was beating the ‘shooter’ with a skateboard. It appears to be self defense. He died because he was there with all the others to create riots and wreak havoc. People are getting tired of this insane crap!

Wolf I’m Not The Hero You Wanted I’m The Monster You Needed 3D hoodie