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Woman yelling at cat meme Dont Cough On Me face mask

Woman yelling at cat meme Dont Cough On Me face mask

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WTH are you looking at? You obviously don’t see what tbe rest of America is seeing… It’s clear that he was jogging, ran around the truck and a fight ensued he was trying to get away was shot 3 times!!!! He fell in the middle of the street. You do see the man walking aways from him right? You do see he is not down on the ground trying to help or revive him? This both breaks my heart and makes me angry. We have to do better. And things like this will continue to happen until people are held accountable. God bless that young man’s family. I can’t imagine what that young man was thinking/feeling in those last moments. he see two angry white men with guns probably was wondering why are they messing with me. He probably noticed them following him they stopped ahead.. he tried to go around the other side… ole dude met him around. And his thought was they about to kill me… This is devastating. A young man jogging in broad daylight. I’d have to agree that there was premeditation for them to bring loaded weapons, draw them, and fire multiple shots at a man simply enjoying the day. He wasn’t peeking in their windows, or sneaking around their property, he was on the street. God rest his soul and may justice prevail. Clearest Jewel so your not only a racist, but also homophobic. That hate looks good on you, especially for someone talking about worship on your page, but on the internet slamming someone for their appearance or sexual preference. Probably why you can’t watch a video and make your own determinations and have to side with someone’s opinion on Facebook. No one is being naive little man. We know as much as you do about the case. You dont know any more than anyone else so just cut it. GOD sits high. Remember that dude.