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Snow Benedict Parrott PBIS gives teachers the ability…. if they have the time. If…. they have the support from administration. If…. they aren’t already overloaded because of all of the other expectations placed on them. If… parents are supportive and doing their part. Teachers alone cannot be responsible! Jennifer Gerber Watkins correct. Despite teacher training being a necessary accommodation in my daughter’s Individualized Education Program, the Administration of the school building and the District itself have chosen to ignore the requirement to implement her IEP with fidelity. I do not believe it is then fair or equitable that the deficiencies of teachers’ training should manifest into suspending my daughter who has Down syndrome. Jennifer Gerber Watkins here are my now 9 year old twins. Snow has Ds and is in third grade and since K5 has been suspended out of school (bordering on criminal) now 8 times with a total of 12 discipline referrals. Her twin, JP, is considered Gifted & Talented and has none. Does that seem equitable to you? If you add disabilities to the question posed about affluence and race, could it be that schools are trying to punish and eliminate those who think differently or are different? Or maybe schools are not viewing behavior with the correct lens? I grew up in Atlanta and graduated from UNC-CH, (25th reunion this weekend). I always called South Carolina the drive-thru state, but now I live here. Welcome to South Carolina!

The school I took my children out of had PBIS in place for the last couple of years with no improvement in sight. The school district we recently moved into has just initiated PBIS this year, yet doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of behavior issues that our previous district did. Response to behavior is only a small part of the solution. Additionally, teachers and schools cannot make up for the response or lack of response these students are receiving at home.