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Thank you for rescuing Soki, taking her to the vet and getting her the necessary medications to help her get well and giving her a loving forever home!She’s so playful. I would guess she’s a fairly young kitty and she’s so pretty too. I love her marbled colors! She is beautiful and definitely has her own wonderful personality! Thank you so much for saving her. You were wise to notice when she didn’t seem to be as lively as a kitten should be and to get her examined right away.

She is adorable! She knew which humans would take her in and her sales tactics worked! These are the stories I absolutely love to see here! This is a beautiful cat with a beautiful story, and she does the cutest things including the dance!! I love Calico cats anyway and she has met her perfect parents in her forever home! I love this story! You are so wonderful for taking in this absolutely adorable kitty and giving her a loving home. She is truly beautiful and I deeply thank you for this wonderful act of love and kindness for caring for this precious kitty


Wu-Tang Clan Watch ya step kid doormat 2

Wu-Tang Clan Watch ya step kid doormat

What beautiful colorings/markings, she’s gorgeous! Thank You for saving her and giving her the home, food and love & attention that she desperately needed & deserves. I hope you have many years full of fun and great memories together.  She’s a very beautiful and she’s thankful to have a loving home and someone who loves her. So she loves you back.  

Wu-Tang Watch ya step kid doormat

Shelter cats and rescue cats definitely appreciate being given a good home. She is the cutest and prettiest calico cat I’ve ever seen. They do tend to have big personalities the calicos. You are so wonderful for taking her in and giving her a loving home.

It is said that if given the opportunity to exercise free will an animal will choose its human companion. This kitty is a perfect example of that. And what absolutely magnificent people these two are. This couple accepted this cat into their lives, unconditionally. When they saw she needed medical attention, again they responded to her needs. While they have said they can’t imagine their lives without this adorable and very smart cat, it is so obvious that kitty feels the same about her human family!

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