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They also made everyone sign a housing contract that said they couldn’t guarantee refunds if they had to send kids home. My bet is that if you’ve already paid for housing, that money is $pent. I’ve read that ECU will refund housing and dining if they end up going all-virtual (which they pretty much have to begin with. Collin lives in the dorm but has all but one class online. And the one in-person class isn’t scheduled til next block.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled, you can be sure of that. He’s doing well though—keeping his distance and wearing a mask. We sent him with gallons of cleaners and hand sanitizer. lol There’s absolutely nothing to do on campus, so he eats, sleeps, plays video games with his roommate and a friend from here—oh, and does work for his two classes. it was written yesterday afternoon after they announced that they were going to online classes. A friend who has a freshman son there also said they will get the refund. I can’t swear it’s true, but that’s the information I have seen. That’s good. I’m not sure how they first approached it, but I’m glad they are agreeing to give refunds. I can only imagine the disappointment after all that goes into move-in day as well as all the exposure folks might have had to the virus already. A lot of work for one week. I anticipate other universities following this lead as cases are identified. My daughter is a freshman. All the info you posted is correct EXCEPT for the “party” guidelines. Those were for strictly off campus. On campus residents were not even allowed to visit their next door neighbor in a dorm, let alone have a slip m slide party (they did it but not allowed on campus at all)