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Once again,reactions coming from inaccurate headlines and not the whole story. Get the whole accurate story before taking to FB. He lost his life because of whatever drug he was on to be running the streets naked and trying to break into cars! Stop blaming the police for people’s ignorance!

  • This is common practice for someone suffering from excited delirium it’s a horrible state of mind and dangerous for himself or the person and everyone around them. Brought on by drugs or alcohol abuse or both. The fact that this person past is a horrible thing but I absolutely believe in personal responsibility this person died of thier own actions
  • Maybe, people who complain or expect some magical change in police actions should APPLY to, and become one, rather than armchair quarterbacking every death of a criminal or of someone who doesn’t understand the word ‘ comply. You effect change by stepping up, actively and smartly, and within the boundaries of the law.
  • Why do people always blame police? you have no idea what they have been dispatched to or circumstances until you walk in there shoes don’t give your opinion. I guess the cops should have let this naked man high on pcp run lose until he killed a few innocent people before they did anything
  • You have to wonder about a supposedly grown man rolling naked in the street in freezing weather after taking PCP….Why would anyone who has any sense take PCP?…He has had 37 previous arrests, mostly for drug charges…this is not his first rodeo.

And where was his brother?…I don’t see him standing there…..don’t see him trying to calm his brother down…..He had already been taken to ER for his crazy behavior…..they released him….maybe they should have kept him?….Maybe it is their fault?.

.It is not their fault, it is not the police officers fault….drugs kill……This guy took PCP of his own free will……He was also dumped off a train 1 hour before he got to Rochester….his brother picked him up…..supposedly he worked in a bakery?…..With his drug addictions

People die because of their poor choices all the time….here is another one….The family wants to become rich off him…they want the police charged and jailed…..of course they do… will relieve their guilt….of course THE FAMILY is not to blame

he guy is not to blame…ever….always the police…..Perhaps they should have just ignored the call….he would have been frozen to death….maybe that would been better……no trial… dragging the police officers thru BS…..You have to wonder why many black men are killing themselves


Yoga I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself poster