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Yoga I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself poster

Yoga I'm mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself poster1

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Please do something about the fact that chronic pain sufferers can no longer get the pain meds they need to live a somewhat functional life. The denial of these meds will increase the suicide rate. Those who suffer due to true chronic pain shouldn’t have to do so because of those misusing the medication. Even with all the attacks against you, you press on and are doing incredible things to help this country. You are definitely my favorite President and I pray for you as I pray that God will open the eyes of the blind idiots that oppress you.  Most hospitals are non-profits. They do not turn patients away. The sticker price is not what you pay, it is jacked up so when they get funds from the gov’t through Medicaid or Medicare, their operating costs will be covered. A hospital is a highly specialized building. Thank you thank you! Just keeps getting better! Seniors need a break! It is hard for a lot to live on Social security alone. I am fortunate but some of my relatives are not. They cannot live on social security alone. Please try and raise social security for them. But it just keeps on getting better! Thank you! Thank you” Mr. President! This is going to help save so many that could not even afford their medicines! Thank you, for taking a stand against these pharmaceutical companies! Its ridiculous the prices they charge someone! 2500.00 for a pill to go on living! Insane! Who can do that & pay their bills & eat? Most people can’t & they have to choose! Sometimes between life & just lay down & die! Getting big things done. That’s why Trump needs 4 more yrs. Cause even bigger things still need done. The only president to really care. If no-one else tells you good job we sure do. Silent America will soon be heard!