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Yoga Let That Shit Go poster

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I am so sorry to hear your boyfriend passed away. You have a wonderful companion in that little dog. Give her lots of love and she will give it right back to you. I love that little dog, she made me smile today and I needed that. God bless

  • I had a chihuahua named Tinkerbell and she wounded let Anyone including my hubby touch or even reach for me she was 4 lbs. of protection for me ! RIP Tinker miss you ! When I was a kid we had a little chihuahua who would sit on my dads lap and if you walked near him she would growl and bark at you. It was the funniest thing
  • I have a beautiful English setter she’s so lovable and understands everything you say very clever and she will great you with kisses tail wagging and jumping up and down all she needs is a voice. Our chi mix knows my hubby is hers. She could be across the house sleeping, sense us kiss and run downstairs to get in between us!
  • It’s wonderful when a dog or cat shows it’s affection towards a person. I happen to love my pets so much and boy do they know that!!!! Thats too sweet! I wish that ppl were so loving as dogs are! The world would be a much better place! Bristol is absolutely adorable!

I know this feeling well my only son passed away on 7/6/2020 his dogs were missing him I kept thec13yr oldxasxhe has separation anxiety but his5yr old found him a really good loving home a lady friend of my neice she has him and totally spoilt him she used to keep big labs not had a dog for a long while but she loves milo first small dog she has ever owned sleeps on her bed every night with her he is her baby I’m so thankful he has a good home even though we miss him it was for the best for milo buster tgec13yr old is starting to settle a little bit though he still looks for mike now and then and crys for him

Spouses come and Spouses go but a good dog is hard to find and when you do it will never leave you and always love you no matter what your moods. My Chi is very jealous if my cat gets onto my lap he comes running and actually grumbles as he comes to snuggle. The same with a treat .He’s so funny

Yoga Let That Shit Go poster