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You can use anything for a mask because It’s not about safety It’s about compliance mask


Buy it now: You can use anything for a mask because It’s not about safety It’s about compliance mask

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Where in the 2nd amendment do you find the words “except truckers” the right to bare arms is for everyone. I don’t need a special law to carry a gun in my truck, and I do at all times, no state law can prohibit any American citizen the right to self defense. And it will not pass Democrat won’t let it get passed the house then even if it passed Congress and Senate and passed into law I’m sure some of the states like the arrival read would take it to the Supreme Court and have it thrown out because then the federal government would would be seen and trampling on the states rights sense state have the right to make their own laws. Well we do have the right to the second amendment that is our right regardless there isn’t a law that needs to be passed just a concealed carry license. This changes nothing. You can carry a fire arm in any state that honors your carry permit. You have to go by your company policy and state laws that you’re traveling in. Some states don’t require a permit. They just want you to believe it. Government will never give up any power on it’s own. You must demand it through the vote. Same thing with cannabis.

Now, I’m all for us protecting ourself especially nowadays plus it’s our right. If the bill is passed, can company’s still say “we don’t allow firearms in our vehicles” even if it’s our right. Also in certain states that hate guns, would we still be able to carry? because it’s company policy!!! They basically make their own laws and it you don’t like it find another job!! That’s like going to a company that only has petes and saying you want a KW. If you want to work somewhere you need to do what their policy says.