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You can’t fix stupid but you can numb it with a 2×4 shirt, tank top, hoodie

You can't fix stupid but you can numb it with a 2x4 Hoodie

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Have no dog in this hunt. But am truly afraid of what my grandchildren would face in coming years. Thank you for sharing your concerns. I work in an after school program here in the Triangle and I have to say the reverse is true imho. Public school kids are much better behaved in general than those in private schools where a sense of entitlement shines through a lot. I think maybe it’s more of an admin issue. Just my view from my limited perch. Keep up the great work! . And btw, I’ve seen plenty of “soccer moms” in private schools curse out a teacher, coach, etc. I’ve also seen “poor” parents be the most polite. It’s systemic….not how much money’s in a bank account. This coming from an older mom who took her kids out of private school where they were systematically emotionally mistreated due to LDs to a public school where they were cherished for their differences. Made all the difference and no regrets.

It’s a discipline issue and one that admins need to address. Unless you enforce a ‘code of conduct’-it is as worthless as the piece of paper it is printed on. On the flip side-in our non-diverse school district minority students are being harassed and bullied to the point that parents are pleading with the SB at every meeting. If my 9th grader can be written up for wearing a tank top to school…you’d think they could reprimand students with out of line behavior.