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If you guys are moaning about this little snow, what would you do if you saw outside my door right now. We’re experiencing one of the coldest and snowiest winters here in Oslo and everybody still goes to work and school. I know a lot of Norwegians and if you reverse the situation they always seem to complain of any temp above 27C in the summer. Let’s get off the high horse.

  • Jeez, you need to relax. And fyi I am NOT Norwegian! 27C is nothing for me. Try growing up in 35+ C weather all your life. Lol Shelly 35+C weather is about 90F weather which is nothing for a NJ/NY summer. No one here is panicking or complaining. We are in fact having fun digging out 24 inches plus of snow is 35 mph winds…at least I had fun.
  • I own a commercial snow blower. Most are grateful there is no thunder like the last time.Oh BTW you asked a Texas resident to try comprehended 35+C weather. Average summer temps in TX are about 45+C (110F) and winters are about 30+C(75-80F).
  • Kristie Harris Kristie I said 35 PLUS which means 35C is usually a minimum. The point is I’m not Norwegian so hot weather doesn’t faze me in the least. As a matter of fact I prefer it so Briana was way off base with her comment. I just find it funny how New Yorkers tend to freak out when a little snow falls. I mean, it’s a cold state, shouldn’t snow be expected?

Love Amsterdam ,such a beautiful city. Was fascinated by the thousands of bicycles by the main train station,most people use bicycles to get around there. Loved walking by the Canals and just people watching. Despite repeated visits over 3 decades, I didn’t really “get” Amsterdam until I rode a bike there. Bikes are such an integral part of Amsterdam and the Netherlands that not mentioning them in the OP is remiss.

Grace Ribaudo spent 3 weeks there last year, and had use of a bike during my stay. Trying to get to the ferry behind the station to travel to the north side was a challenge. With the bike lanes, streetcars, and crosswalks plus the ongoing construction, it took some getting used to.

You don’t stop skiing when you get old You get old when you stop skiing poster

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