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Some of these methods I do naturally and they actually work. I understand psychology pretty well so not that I manipulate people but I understand people and how to make certain situations work out for the best.

  • As someone who used to work in psychology I’ve gotta say this is just manipulative behavior and some of it will work in the short term but after someone manipulates you a couple of times you see it for what it is and you’re the one being manipulative other’s will see it.
  • Your background music is louder than your voice and distracting.. Also please speak slowly with a pause so the world can listen to you. It’s a good stuff for sure. In my defense I really don’t remember doing that. I’m one of those who forget what they’re saying mid sentence… a lot.
  •  A.k.a. how to gaslight someone and make them question their own intentions/thoughts/reality instead of actually discussing the issue with them. If you tell a girl “I love you” and she responds “Hm, what do you mean by that”, run for the hills. Thank me later.
  • This is actually just a good conversation technique in general. Socratic questioning is used across the board. You can surely use it to get someone to out themselves. But you can also use it to help people.

well how about a fun psychology fact from me aswell.. next time put the volume of music a little lower so the people can acctually hear what you are saying without distraction

I don’t recall the Socratic method either being quite so passive aggressive, or used to make other people reach conclusions you had already come to and were certain about

Nothing wrong with Mexicans doing lawn work. My people take pride in setting the bar for good results and hard work. If anything I think it’s a compliment.

Some dude asked me one time if the carpet matched the drapes. I pretended like I didn’t understand and said “huh? What does that mean?” Motherforker shut right up and got so uncomfortable trying to explain what he meant.

I finished the video bec she’s so pretty but she talks too fast. Though she said something about talking fast so people will have less time to think. So yeah it’s effective. I forgot everything else she said 

You know it’s me Cathy face mask