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After all the hype / Venice we were prepared to be underwhelmed. We were so wrong. It was the most memorable of all the places we visited on our first Rick Steves tour. I still get a little thrill when I see a picture of Venice in a movie or a Facebook post.  We loved Venice. We went in 2018 summer. I am so glad I got to go because my husband passed away last August. He took me to some beautiful places. And I have so many wonderful memories.

  • When my husband passed, one of my first thoughts was, “Well, we had England and Scotland together.” Never realized that travel could bring me so much comfort. My 9th trip to venice was in November, leaving 5 days before the flood. I’ve always loved this place and prior to November, I always was sad, with tears in my eyes, at the time I had to leave. So on this trip I said I would stay long enough not to have that happen again.
  • I spent 16 nights at the Rialto Hotel and had the perfect time. The hotel was expensive but well worth it and my room was on the penthouse floor and in every way memorable. I woke up daily with new excitement and discovered so many places that I purposely got lost to see. The food was always fabulous. Everything was perfect.
  •  I spoiled myself with a trip to remember forever and I still LOVE remembering my days, all saved in a daily journal that expressed my activities and my feelings. I didn’t cry when I left but I also knew I’d be back as soon as possible to savor its delights.

Venice is a truly magical place… I was there last year and arrived very early after flying all night and not sleeping at all on the flight (too excited)… I remember taking a boat to my hotel in a dreamlike state, seeing the city for the first time and tears came to my eyes..

I stayed at Hotel Galleria, recommended by RS, across the canal from the beautiful yellow&white building in the pic. Simply lovely. I’ve been to Venice 5 times and hope to go 5 more. Will read the History of Venice by Julius Norwich before my next trip.

Your Butt Napkins My Lord Skeleton Poster