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Absolutely! The majority of hard working Americans are sick of this type of behavior! Decent folks would be arrested for less! Go find these people and hold them accountable! Agree. And as the mother of a Durham, NC police officer who is out tonight protecting the city of more “protesters “, this needs to stop. Law and order.

  • It’s not right that “free speech” is only for the left side of things… anyone that disagrees are bullied, attacked verbally and physically. Could not agree more. That was soooooo unacceptable. They were screaming say her name to the man who authored the bill with same name. I think the political persons allowing this should be charged with treason.
  • Nobody should ever have to endure that crap. I don’t care who you are. If that was somebody representing republicans doing that I’d be so ashamed as well. If we don’t get four more years this is what we will have to put up with and we will not be safe. Get these crazy people off of the streets so people can just live their lives.
  • Thats right President Trump! These people must begin to pay for the terror they inflict to others who’s only sin is to have a different political view!  Most definitely Mr. President. Totally unacceptable!!! While you’re at it, we all know George Soros is behind the funding of these riots!! It’s ridiculous. He shouldn’t be able to enter the US!!!

This should never ever happen in the The United States of America. Protesting is not harassment and harming people or property. Thanks to the DC police and Secret Service for protecting those they could. God please keep everyone safe.

 Absolutely!!! These assaults must be stopped. The American people are sick of the democratic leaders allowing this violence to continue. Sad to see anyone use the laughing emoji, how would you like it if this were your mom and dad? The last 12 years the Democrats have shown how nasty they can be and 2020 has been considerably worst. Isn’t it time you STOP this nasty movement and embrace our great nation?

Mr. President, I am calling for the mayor’s resignation. She should never have allowed that! They treated the officers and attendees atrociously! I watched a live stream of it and it was sickening. That mob was vicious, even demonic. Really, really awful. She should be ashamed of herself. Oh how I wish this was the apprentice, because she should be fired!

Your Wife – My Wife Dog And Jeep shirt, tank top, hoodie