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They don’t want anyone to know he’s got something wrong with him. We all know the media is bought off, those that don’t know it, are the ones who’s vote democrat. Brett Wilhelm why laugh when it’s been proven over and over again lol hell dude doesn’t even know when the first war actually started

  • Frank Eckermann Bwahahahaa! Trump has told over 20,000 documented lies. Documented. How stupid does one have to be to continually place trust in a prolific liar? I am watching Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace is a Democrat. Makes me sick! He let’s the Democrat’s finish talking and interrupts the Republicans. He is Rude !!! Bush’s and Romney are Democrats too. Democrat’s are such liers !!!!
  • Clara Rossi Republican women should recognize that Trump has deceived them into being Stepford Wives. You don’t care about truth or justice, you don’t even seem to care about God anymore although you all seem to profess your Christianhood loudly enough. Trump’s only use for women is to make them objects of his needs and desires. How you could betray your suffering sisters after everything we have discovered about this pussy-grabbing narcissist is beyond my wildest imagination.
  • Learn to back up your own words with knowledge instead of name calling. You know nothing about me. I know nothing about you. You made damning statements. I refuted you and challenged your words as harmful, and inciting . I just asked you to prove your accusations. You just claimed me a hateful vile creature (anti-Christ). And you had the nerve to say “What would Christ do”?

What does that have to do with the anti-Christ you worship? The Bible is a dubious historical document, half fact and half fiction. Moreover, human interpretation is deeply flawed and biased. You don’t know the absolute Truth, so stop pretending you do. The Book of Daniel is Old Testament, where you folks like to dwell. Revelations is a hallucination and is beyond all interpretation. Sit down, Joann, you’re on the wrong side.

Joann Rinear you should renounce Christianity and convert to Judaism, since you prefer the Hellfire and Brimstone of the Old Testament. You failed to respond to my initial points meant to show that you, in fact, have thrown Christ out of your Evangelical church.

You embrace materialism and worldly power, now. You worship Trump and the economy and hold those things dearer than human life and liberty. You adopt prosperity “gospel” which takes credit for blessings and manages to blame the poor and the victims of unfettered capitalism for their own poverty, accusing them of somehow living in opposition to God.

You forget Christ charged us over and over again to love one another and take care for one another as we would care for ourselves. When I say you and Trump are anti-Christ, I mean you have rejected his example and are anti his message. You’ve sacrificed your Christianity for the mean politics of Trumpism. If you can respond to this charge, that would be best. If you are going to continue to blow smoke rings, get lost.

Zero Given Fox shirt