All I need is tea and my cat It is too peopley outside shirt, hoodie, tank top

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In my state of Wisconsin, Carrie Chapman Catt was born in the city of Ripon. She worked closely with Susan B. Anthony in the fight for a woman’s right to vote!

  • 72 years and they were treated horrible that hole time .not a proud moment in America. You can still see the same types of treatments today just time has changed not policy. How hard can it be to between 2 people you want freedom or you can be sheep and the Democrats control you what have they done nothing but destroy and control!!give some good examples of what they done and what they are going to do that will benefit you?!!!
  • These women all came from times when we had ART DECO department clothing stores. Where are they now. In Australia, we have none left. Famous ARTISTS like Salvador Dali would do the WINDOW DISPLAYS. God bless your country for your remaining businesses and ART DECO buildings.
  • Why can you never stop shaking your finger at us? Your administration has been ruined by feminists! Actual strong women do not need affirmative action to succeed at life. Affirmative action is evil! I’m so sick of your constant SJW minority and women’s focus! I want a candidate that understands the patriarchy made America strong and feminism has led to socialism and communism. I’m so entirely disgusted with how you’ve abused my vote to harm America’s men, especially our white men.

I can’t believe that it took so long to give women that same right to vote as men, but I can believe that Democrats were against it. One hundred years later, today’s Democrats are still anti-American, now more then ever.

Several Republican states gave women the right to vote years before the 19th Amendment was enacted and adopted by the states. Republican Jeanette Rankin was elected to Congress from Montana in 1916, three years before the 19th Amendment was enacted. He image should be on the new $20 bill.

That the problem right now with The government they had been trying their Hardest to start another Civil War and they’re doing a good job doing Just that by turning us against Each other and our right as well So we need to take back America before they finish destroying her Like they had plans all along

All I need is tea and my cat It is too peopley outside shirt, hoodie, tank top