Tease it to jesus and spray it to hell shirt, hoodie, tank top

tease it to jesus and spray it to hell hoodie

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They’re banking on Biden winning. Once he’s in, the VP will be in the president’s seat. Sickening that they’re using this man with his “dementia?”, they know it, his wife knows it, everybody knows it in order for the demonrats to fill their agenda. there is no low that they will not stoop to. I’m already hearing about the virus spike because we had President Trump here and the rally. The MSM lied about the entire rally then proclaimed a covid spike before there was even time to have a spike. So corrupt and crooked.
Glad that gal was caught, hope all others are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Can you tell me where to get some of that you are smoking I want to be that high. To think obummer had a good economy the only president in modern history not to have a year above 3% growth his entire 8 years. Or how about the lowest labor participation rate ever that includes the great depression! How about 18 million on food stamps. Keep lying to yourself. You do realize that if they regain power and you have a medical problem they will make you comfortable till you die obummer said that himself. If you’re from Tulsa I remember AOC bragging about all those college kids reserving all those tickets basically preventing people from getting tickets to go to the rally that’s why trumps rally was so low in Tulsa but yeah you’re going to see it continuously spike up because they’re trying to stop Trump they’re trying to stop us from being able to vote only the smart one see through it the dumb ones say oh yeah really is spiking but we have no way of knowing what our actual case numbers are or how many people actually died because doctors are labeling everything Covid I mean you can die in a car crash and they your cause of death certificate death by Covid.