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Not yet formal and the nation is trembling. Ruto the Man. He has given sleepless nights to the despots. He needs combined efforts to bring him down. Mean while SOTE PAMOJA. This is how those you mentioned found themselves to be the leaders of the opposition party, Your friend (WSR) is not exceptional. Fortunately many have crossed this bridge let him also try. I believe he will be the best opposition leader Kenya has ever produced. Good luck. Let Sugoi have peace of mind now the next thing remaining is having parallel tallying centre…wakirusha tunarusha being in opposition it is tough every time the leader thinks he or she is right. Opposition is not for ill hurted but Sugoi has beaten all the odds to be strong enough…You will be opposition leader 2022 unopposed. no problem being in opposition.after all,raila has been in opposition as long as we can remember,run for office 4times,and he is still running for the 5th time.

And if the one u called baba is strong he should also withdraw from handshake and fight tuko pamoja,,,how can uninvited guest start barking in somebody’s place,,he should go back and make peace among his coalition partners wetangula and the friends. Sam Oliver de Captain baba is doing well, he is dipping his fingers in a jar full of honey… Uhuru and baba wants everyone to dip the fingers here too, wouldnt it be wise to welcome everyone? You need to know that one day all the 42 tribes will gang against you. Play your cards well has never been sober that why he’s always controlled like a robot, you need to sanitize your eye’s to see beyond your nostil.