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If it was true, the media would have broadcast it on the networks for days when it happened! No one had provided any video or audio of it. And even if they had, I would still doubt it! I find this difficult to believe…since he has donated his salary the entire time he has been President to the Veterans….as well as cleaning up the medical mess for Vets.we all need to be very careful of what is on the internet…..

  • And this is how Facebook reels you in! This story cannot be verified because the Magazine allowed the “story tellers” to remain anonymous! FOX DID NOT verify the story! Fox did release names of those that said it was false including John Bolton!
    With our Country so close to an election anonymous sources SHOULD NOT be allowed. If they firmly believe what they are saying then have guts enough to place your name on it!
  • It would not surprise me if he said it. While he was dodging the draft with bone spurs, my husband, brother in law and many others either put their life on the line or died fighting in a war where you either were drafted, broke the law or dodging their duty.
  • The only source for this is a Hit Piece from the Atlantic based upon 2 anonymous sources. No other media source has claimed to have facts supporting it. BTW: If you read the Atlantic Article it may remind of a piece from the Onion.

I’ll be back well there goes a vote for him anybody that has lost someone in any of our Wars. I’m sure none of these people will be voting for him. Sometimes I think he wants to lose cuz he says such stupid things

Absolutely untrue. They cite “anonymous” sources–meaning they made it up because it didn’t happen. No less than FIVE people who were there when these alleged remarks happened have gone on the record and said the Atlantic story is a complete fabrication.

What he said about mccain was terrible he wasn’t a war hero because he got caught and I saw that one. He never served so what gives him the right to comment.  Why is it just now being brought up? It was 2 years ago why haven’t we heard about it before now? Right now right before the election.

Veteran Soldier Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster