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Erich Broxson , en thanks for your reply. And no, I am not”trolling” or whatever. I honestly don’t even read most of this garbage because everyone IS entitled to an opinion. However, I am just hoping people do real research on this man before they state he is honest. And to answer your question–I would be totally open to anyone putting me under a spotlight to question my honesty. I actually even give back money when someone makes a mistake, or I have walked back into a store to pay for something that I’ve not been charged for. I don’t do the opposite just because I can–I do those things because IT IS THE RIGHT thing to do–even when no one is watching. So, in Mr. Websters dictionary there is a great definition under INTEGRITY. Agreed Jeff Collins.. I practice the same things. I do right even when no one is looking because I know God is always watching. And I can appreciate your integrity because I strive to be a man of integrity more every day. So I wish you the best, & I wish our country the best, and at the end of the day both being men of integrity and good moral character as far as each of us knows our selves, we must each do what we believe is right in our own hearts when we vote. Erich Broxson , absolutely! I just hope everyone does real research on ALL the candidates & makes a truly informed decision. I am not stump pounding for or against. Wishing you much success & hope my internal “danger” button is totally off in this election–but it appears to be ringing itself to death! I am so very concerned for our country & hope we don’t do to ourselves what the unhappy masses did in Germany in the 30’s & 40’s. Take care and thank you. Just so you know a person with good moral character won’t be caught trolling around on the competitors sites and threads hating and bashing and thrashing and ruining, I know that seems common in today’s world, but good people still behave good. So you won’t see me out there trash in other people’s sites. Haters will hate, they will come right to your site right to your thread and they will hate just like you’re doing mark. I use Facebook so little just to keep in touch with kids. I wasn’t aware their were special sites for just this or that. Quite frankly I wish I knew how to get rid of all the garbage. I only happened to click on it because of the headline. Sorry if I’ve offended you by my presence. However, being that I am a person that welcomes facts to form my opinions I’d be more than happy to view any reputable sites you have for me to go & research any of the candidates. As I said, I am truly worried & will put my most effort into making a decision fueled by facts. Again, sorry. I will try not to infringe on ANYBODYS site. However how do I know? I encourage you to embrace the truth, not flee from it. No body is perfect but in a class not known of telling the truth (politicians), Trump stands out for his absolute aversion to facts and accuracy. And that’s even before he has served a day in office. It’s reasonable to be concerned.