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WKRP First Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Drop shirt 0

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Every one should respect the decision of the highest court .But in US there is a always a discrimination on the basis of Black and White , so many people and leaders were killed but still it persists. He’s good at silencing the oppressors for speaking out, Restricting their accounts..Hoe many times have he condemn the killings going on in African countries nigeria precisely..Does black lives matter to them.. Hypocrites everywhere. Kudos to Supreme Court for the legislation and Promulgation on Civil Rights Act, if the right of the citizens are entrenched or violated then our legal institutions lacks merit and the essence of establishing them is in futility, The law is sacrosanct and is created to meet societal needs. If they fail in it’s primary obligations then we can say our state is in mirage ,I thank Mark for the Update. The Civil Rights Acts was passed in 1964. The LGBTQ community and everyone else has had these rights since 1964. Yes, I huge step forward in 1964! I am surprised their are those who didn’t know they had these rights!! Thankful the Supreme Court has made this clear! Carol Thorpe I’m gonna figure you just want to be contrary, just wanna start a convo.!! So, I’ll just leave this here!
“Polls show that most Americans oppose discrimination against LGBT people, and many believe that it’s already illegal. But federal laws don’t ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity the way they do regarding sex and religion. And the odds of Congress changing that in the immediate future are slim…..” when the civil rights bill was passed in the 60s Republicans hadn’t yet sold their souls to the far right extremists so their current culture war against LGBTQ wasn’t exactly a thing yet. Keep in mind it was the commitment of Martin Luther King to get this passed with Lynden Johnson (A Democrat President). Weather LGBTQ wasn’t “a thing” as you put it – it still protected the rights of all.