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I will pray that he comes to know the living God. This is a man who has stoked racial hatred and division and lived a Godless life. But he uses his Christian supporters to win himself votes when he is not a Christian in any shape or form. I will certainly pray for him. this would imply that Trump is righteous. However, most would advise that he is not righteous but instead a coward and an agent for division and evil. Trump more like the serpent in the garden of Eden, more like Pharaoh, more like Delilah and Jezebel than Christ. holding the Bible upside down? Are you serious? I heard someone mention that and I said to myself, their can’t really be someone so dumb to make such a analogy. I am proven wrong today. Next you’ll complain about his tie color and how it’s triggering you and he needs to be impeached again. Or shall I say just impeached because we all know now that was all a lie… and I’m assuming you are a Christian by your comment. Do me a favor and reflect on some verses were God discusses how we should judge and pray to him for guidance not just for yourself but for this man as as well. If you feel he’s sinned, pray for our sinners. failed? He brought this nation up and it was flourishing before the virus happened and it will flourish again. If you wanna blame anyone for the problems in America that had been around for, let’s say…. forever. You should check on who’s been in office this whole time creating this mess. Joe and Pelosi, I’m sure you’ll still vote for them . You’re right. There are still those Latin Americans who like the strong guy, the Caudillo who has support of the Church. Used to be the <Catholic Church, now the catholics are too liberal and it is the Evangelicals who are propping up the new dictators. Dictators that just walk over people, self aggrandizement and selling their souls to capitalist interests. Philippines and Brazil have just what you want.